Let’s All Put in One Last Push for Local Funding

On the heels of the county kicking off our project by engaging a coastal engineer to develop our dredging site, we are moving full speed ahead on securing other local funding sources for our project. This will be followed by State funds from the upcoming legislative session.

In addition to the initial money just committed by St Johns County (SJC), the Commissioners will soon vote on the bed tax increase to fund our beach – possibly in late August or September. Moreover, work on our municipal entity will begin soon.

To ensure that we are successful in securing these local funding sources, we NEED THE FOLLOWING FROM EVERYONE:
1. PLEASE SIGN YOUR NAME ON OUR ONLINE PETITION (click here). It is super easy and takes seconds to do. It urges our Commissioners to support the proposed bed tax increase (paid by tourists and not residents) to fund our beach restoration program. The petition will be sent to the Commissioners. Everyone in your household should sign it (ages 16+). Forward this to your friends, relatives, anyone that loves and uses our beach! There is power in mass numbers of signatures!

2. For beachfront property owners, PLEASE SUPPORT THE CREATION of an initial two-year municipal entity in an upcoming survey that will be sent to you by SJC. The County will be also holding related meetings shortly. The entity will provide some additional funding for our project. The expectation is that it would involve a modest assessment, especially relative to the critical need and the substantial amount of money we will access potentially from the bed tax and the State of Florida. We’ll inform you what the proposed assessment will be for your property as soon as we are able to.

If we do not show strong support for our municipal entity along our nine miles of PVB coastline, it is possible that portions of our beach with weak support will be excluded from the program. This was the case in the South Ponte Vedra (SPV)/ Vilano program. Now those sections of SPV/ Vilano are trying to get back into the program as significant funding has been accessed, but it is too late.

Your support and involvement are critical to our success.

Best Regards,

Save Ponte Vedra Beach Inc
Tom Dodson, Fredrik Eliasson, Paige Ludecke and Lori Moffett

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