The Vote was Unanimous!

We are beyond thrilled to let you know that the Commissioners voted 5/0 today in favor of getting our project off the ground. The unanimous vote was incredible to see and it far exceeded everyone’s expectations.

  • This means that the County will now start surveying us with the ultimate intent of getting our dredging site developed and permitted.
  • We are still on the list for Federal emergency money which would also get our project started, if these funds are received soon.
  • Hence, these are the two potential paths we have to getting our program going.

We want to thank each and every one of you for all that you did to get us to this point. We really believe that the Commissioners felt the urgency from us and this led to the 5/0 vote today.

  • Commissioner Jay Morris indicated that he had received about 200 emails from all of us in Ponte Vedra while over 40 of us were at the meeting today dressed in Red.
  • It is clear to them that we are a very large organized and motivated group, and they, consequently, feel our sense of urgency.

We will report back to you on next steps shortly. This could involve word that we’ve received emergency Federal funding for our project and/or St Johns County’s plans to survey us. As it relates to the County, we’ll know soon how it would help fund our dredging site development and other costs associated with getting the project started.

Moreover, we are now strategizing for the July 17 bed tax increase vote. Stay tuned!

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