The County is Now Taking Action and We Must Too!

With property values for some of us down as much as 20% so far due to beach erosion in Ponte Vedra (per the St Johns County property appraiser), this news couldn’t be better timed…

We’re excited to let you know that St Johns County is taking several very positive steps to implement our Beach Renourishment program in Ponte Vedra as expeditiously as possible. This was clear in our recent meetings with them. They intend to begin setting up or own Municipal District and helping us fund our dredging site development costs – in the event that emergency Federal and State funding do not come through in time. But it won’t happen without action from all of us as outlined below!

Saving our beaches is clearly critical as property values for many of us are already going down. In fact, per the SJC property appraisers’ website – several properties are already facing 10 to 20% reductions with more to come. We must stop this downward spiral and we all must act now.

Here’s what the County has proposed – which we support 100%.

At the Commissioners’ June 5th meeting, the County plans to vote on taking steps to set up our own Municipal District in Ponte Vedra which will aid in partly funding our program. This mechanism will help the County assist us with our dredging site development costs. The County is then expected to hire an Economic Benefit Consultant to determine fair and acceptable property owner assessments while surveying us on the matter. Recall that the lion’s share of funding for the project is expected to come from the bed tax, the State of Florida, and some from the Federal government.

Establishing a Municipal District will be a very important first step by the County toward beach renourishment. The County would also hire a Coastal Engineer and help us fund our dredging site development costs as long as we demonstrate STRONG SUPPORT in establishing our own Municipal District. The Program will begin.
We need your immediate help to make sure the County follows through on these plans. Here’s how you can help to ensure this all happens.

1. EMAIL THE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS: We all must let the Commissioners know how important beach renourishment is to us so that they implement our program as soon as possible. Let them know that you are an advocate for establishing a Municipal District in Ponte Vedra to partly fund the project. Otherwise, the downward spiral in property values will become our reality as we will eventually lose our beach.
It is imperative that they receive at least 100 emails from us. The Commissioners need to know that behind Save Ponte Vedra Beach Inc is over 1000 homeowners whose property values and way of life are in jeopardy. We EACH must send ALL FIVE Commissioners emails. We need a majority vote from the five Commissioners for this to be approved. Please sign your email with your home address listed. A personal email in your own words is always best, so we ask you to use the one below as a guide. You’ll find all of their email addresses below as well.
Please copy us on your email so that we can keep track of how many emails they have received. We will make sure that we reach our 100 email goal. Our email address is:

2. ATTEND THE JUNE 5thMEETING: We must have a strong show of support! (Remember, showing up is half the battle!) The County Commissioners must know that this is a first priority for us. If it isn’t important enough to us, then we shouldn’t expect it to be important for them either. So please show up on June 5th. We have a goal of at least 15 people. Again, the Commissioners need to be reminded that behind Save Ponte Vedra Inc is over 1000 property owners that want action now. If you would like to speak your thoughts during public comment, please do so.

If you plan to attend the meeting, please email us back so that we know our head count. We will know the time of the meeting shortly and will relay that to you – the current estimate is late morning on June 5th. Please wear red so that the Commissioners can clearly see us as a group in the audience!

3. CALL ALL OF THE COMMISSIONERS: Let them know that we need their help and that you support setting up a Municipal District for Ponte Vedra. See phone numbers below.


SAMPLE LETTER and please copy us on your letter at:

Dear Commissioner XXXXX,

Ponte Vedra is in desperate need of a beach renourishment program after being devastated by Irma, Mathew and the powerful nor easters. We must implement a program with urgency as the longer we wait, the more homes will be lost. The loss of our beach is compromising our property values and our way of life as we will eventually lose our beach altogether. It is disappearing at an increasingly rapid rate.

To implement our program, we are in favor of setting up a Municipal District in Ponte Vedra to partly fund our renourishment program.

We urge you to set up a Municipal District for us upon completion of the Economic Benefit Consultant’s work and your survey of us.

Thank you for your time,

Sign your name
List your address

See email addresses and phone numbers below for each Commissioner:

Jimmy Johns
P: (904) 209-0301
C: (904) 615-7437

Jeb Smith
P: (904) 209-0302
C: (904) 325-4182

Paul M. Waldron, Vice-Chair
P: (904) 209-0303
C: (904) 436-3973

Jay Morris
P: (904) 209-0304
C: (904) 814-9403

Henry Dean, Chair
P: (904) 209-0305
C: (904) 325-3924 


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