Two Key Events – Please Attend!

“Half the battle is just showing up.” That’s certainly true this month. Please try to attend one or both of the following events:

1)  Join us on May 31st as we give Commissioner Jimmy Johns a tour of Ponte Vedra’s beach so he can see first hand the decimation of our coastline by hurricanes and nor’easters. He also needs to hear first hand, from us!  Let him know we’re counting on him to help save our beaches from decades of erosion and neglect.  We only need one more county commissioner to vote in favor of the bed tax increase, making his vote very critical to the funding of our renourishment project.   Please join us and remind him how urgent this issue is to our quality of life, our tourism industry, our property values and tax base, and ultimately, the quality of our schools. Reply to this email if you’d like to attend. Time and location will be forthcoming.

2)  Join us this Monday, May 21st from 10:15 to noon, for the Commisioner Candidate Forum hosted by the Ponte Vedra Coalition.  The Ponte Vedra Commissioner seat (District 4) is up for election in August, and it’s important that we take this opportunity to ask questions of the candidates and learn which one will give us the strongest leadership support in our efforts to save our beach. We also need to show the candidates that many of us consider the state of our beaches to be a leading issue in the coming election.

Location: Ponte Vedra Beach Library, 101 Library Boulevard, Ponte Vedra Beach

Candidates in Attendance will be:

Erika Alba               District 4/ REP 
Jeremiah Blocker   District 4/ REP
Andrew Evener      District 4/ REP
Jeb Smith               District 2/ REP
Dick Williams         District 4/ REP

Candidates Not in Attendance:
Catherine Guaeverra  District 4/ DEM

Please mark your calendars for May 21st and May 31st.

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