If our replies to the County’s MSTU survey do not show a strong majority support for the MSTU, the County could drop our program in its entirety. The County has allowed two of its beaches to disappear, including South Ponte Vedra/Vilano and Summer Haven.  What’s one more?  Please rely on the facts, not rumors, when you reply to your survey:

  • There is no chance that nature will restore the 2.5 million cubic yards of sand and 135 feet of beach we have lost over the last several decades. This is according to Olsen Associates, one of the most respected coastal engineers in the State of Florida. Even a recent Wall Street Journal piece identified the Jacksonville area as one of the most “at risk” communities on our nation’s shoreline. Moreover, in a recent study by the Union of Concerned Scientists, Ponte Vedra is the most at risk community on the entire Atlantic coast of FL, north of Palm Beach. That is because we are one of the only coastal communities on the entire east coast of FL without a beach renourishment project.
  • Our beach renourishment project is planned to cover the full nine miles of PVB from the Duval County Line to Guana.
  • The goal of the renourishment project is to significantly widen the beach.The dune system across the full nine miles will also be restored.
  • Your individual vote on the MSTU is public and the County Commissioners will use the results of the vote to determine whether or not to renourish our beach.
  • 100% of the money raised by the MSTU will cover the first step of renourishment: to develop the dredging site. This is critical to securing state and federal funding to fully implement the project. Without strong support for the MSTU our project may fail for lack of initial funds.  We are also seeking the bed tax for our full project and will pursue a broader geographic MSTU.

Protect your investment in Ponte Vedra and vote YES for the MSTU! There are serious consequences if the survey results do not show a strong majority for the MSTU.

The assessment is based on TAXABLE and not the market value of your property – which is a lot less!

Do the following to determine your share of the MSTU:

  • Go to the St. Johns County Property Appraiser site – ;
  • Click on the “Property Records” link at the top of the page.
  • Enter your street address in the “Search by Location Address” bar.
  • Taxable value is the last figure listed in the “Valuation” section of your property report. Multiply that figure by .00056 – the answer will be the amount you’ll pay for each of two years.

Want a quick estimate? Your investment will be $560 per $1 Million of taxable value for each of two years.


Current State of Ponte Vedra Beach

Our beach has reached a critical point as our community has lost coastline in the last year from Mathew, Irma and increasingly threatening nor’easters. Unfortunately, now there is little beach for us all to enjoy apart from low tide. In addition, several coastal homes in our community are no longer structurally sound and will be demolished or require significant foundational reinforcement.

So whether you’re a property or business owner in Ponte Vedra Beach, or a resident who regularly enjoys this amazing natural resource, we need you to be part of the solution and get involved!


There’s a Critical Sense of Urgency   

Florida’s Governor Rick Scott has granted our coastal area $17 million for beach renourishment to match the funds raised in coastal communities for such efforts. Politicians are willing to help fund us. They have flown over our community and recognize our emergency. But we will need to raise some funds ourselves and they will match it. However, if local funds are not raised, we will lose the opportunity to receive State funding to rebuild our beaches. The amount that we would need to raise is immaterial relative to the value of our homes.

Coastal communities up and down the state of Florida have beach renourishment programs. Ponte Vedra is an anomaly as not having a program. We’ve spent zero on our beach as a community over time and it shows.

Dredging programs around us are making our situation even worse. There are dredging programs north and south of us – and they are getting bigger. The more our neighbors dredge while we don’t, the more water and erosion comes our way.

Our property values are directly tied to our once beautiful beach – and also excellent public schools. Property values take a hit when either our beach or schools are degraded. The amount we would need to raise is immaterial relative to the value of our homes and the amount of likely property value erosion we will experience.

The Problem

The Project